Hansen Engineering has (17) major pieces of equipment. This equipment includes two (2) high speed 5-axis machining centers, one (1) heavy duty 5-axis machining centers, six (6) horizontal machining centers each with dual tombstones (Two (2) of which are operated as a cell with 1 operator running both machines at the same time), three (3) 5-axis machining centers operated as a cell and three (5), 3-axis machining centers.

The latest 5-axis machining center is a “state of the art” high-speed enclosed machine with dual shuttle tables and a tool changer. The dual shuttle tables and the dual tombstone machines are designed to run one table full of parts while the other is being loaded, eliminating down time.

Hansen Engineering’s Inspection Department consists of a temperature-controlled room with a DEA 48” X 96” Computer Controlled Coordinated Measuring Machine and a programmer dedicated to CMM programming. The company has one other CMM machine for general inspection.

Hansen Engineering has 2 full time programmers and at the present is using SIEMENS NX as its primary programming system in conjunction with Dassault CATIA systems for receiving and converting customer data. Kubotek K-Compare Validate software package is used to verify these conversions.